– Point all Possibility –

If you pursuit the consistent stability, speedy starting and good life performance of self-drilling screw point.

You will find Lu-Yi’s advantages:
  • Drill point: strong, stable and locate well.
  • Drill performance: less skidding when screws start drilling / fast drill time/ consistent performance in multiple layers of steel
  • Die life: long life span and stable in mass production
  • Price: very competitive for long term and regular business

  • Strong R&D: make the design according to the drawings or screw samples and can produce the prototype dies within 5 days
  • Reliable & responsible: help to solve the problems in production and improve the design according to customers’ feedback with all our efforts
  • Always open for consult, support service and anything we can do for you

POINT TYPE Solutions
Center Point/ Flash Point/ Lighting Point/ Pinch Point/ Wing Die/ Nail Point/ Diamond Point/ Arrow Shape Point/ Bullet shape Point/ Customized Point Shape

If you are looking for the point not shown here, please CONTACT US directly on line, We are willing to explore all possible new design for you.